The Dark Matter: Black Paper Notebooks

The Dark Matter: Black Paper Notebooks

We are so excited to announce The Dark Matter. This all-new line of notebooks is built with BLACK paper!

black paper pages in the dark matter notebook by cognitive surplus

You might be thinking to yourself "This is crazy, why would I possibly need a notebook with black paper? How could even write in this??" but first, take a look at how awesome these are.

Chemistry notes...dark matter, chemistry notes

Diff Eq problem sets....

math problems in the dark matter
Journal & Washi Tape...
Black paper notebooks make your notes, schedule, problem sets and journal look unique, which means you're more likely to remember the things you write down, and be inspired to write more, learn more, or draw more. The Dark Series is built with high-quality, extra-thick, 120 gsm paper that's 100% recycled and eco-friendly.

Each cover celebrates the beauty found in darkness and the scenes made by the faintest light.

the dark matter, eco friendly black paper notebook
From a swamp lit by a sliver of the moon to bioluminescent mushrooms in the woods, or the aurora playing over an icy landscape to the creatures of the savanna after the sun has slipped below the horizon, let your creativity run wild in The Dark Matter.
the dark matter eco friendly black paper notebook